How to backpack the Enchanted Valley

The iconic “chalet” of Enchanted Valley

The Stats

Trail Description

Sign at the trailhead, telling us we were at the right place!
One of the many creek crossings you’ll find on the trail
On the way to the waterfall!
Google Maps of campsites and points of interest

Where to Camp

  • Graves Creek (at trailhead) — This is the ideal campsite to stay at if you’re looking to car camp before or after your trip, no water is supplied though, so you’ll need to pack in or filter your own.
  • Pony Bridge (2.5 miles from trailhead) — This is the closest backcountry campsite to the trailhead, it is not immensely popular, though, but is located near a nice bridge that crosses the river.
  • O’ Neil Creek (6.7 miles from trailhead) — Potentially the most popular campsite on the trail, this campsite marks the halfway point to the valley, so it is an excellent stopping point if you’re backpacking for two nights. There is a privy and food storage area on-site.
  • Pyrites Creek (9.6 miles from trailhead) — Also a popular campsite closer to the valley, it’s a good stopping point as an alternative to O’Neil.
  • Enchanted Valley (13 miles from trailhead) — Great spot to camp, and probably the most scenic one! There’s not one but two privies here, but we’ve noticed that the campsites are not as secluded as the other ones, since there’s fewer trees here. Still, it’s possible to find a campsite closer to the sides of the valley if you want more quiet.
  • Honeymoon Meadows and Camp Siberia (6 miles beyond Enchanted Valley) — The great beyond. From these campsites you can make your way to other areas in the National Park, and maybe even make this a thru-hike if you go all the way to Dosewallops.
Our campsite for the second night


It’s always good to stop to appreciate the rain forest

When to go

How to get here

What to pack




trees, lakes, and mountains

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Yu Chen Hou

Yu Chen Hou

trees, lakes, and mountains

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